Letter to the editor, THE TIMES Sept. 17, 1924 (on Georgia and PM MacDonald. Amazing!)

To the editor of The Times

Sir, –With regard to the report received by the League of Nations Council at Geneva that a national rising is taking place in Georgia against the Bolshevist rule of tyranny and oppression there, may I quote from an article written in the Glasgow Labour weekly, Forward, by Mr. Ramsay MacDonald in 1921, before he became Prime Minister and after his visit to that ancient and Socialist Christian country:

“I see that the campaign of calumny and untruthfulness designed to cover up the iniquity of the Bolshevist tyranny in Georgia is being continued, a further installment having appeared in a Labour paper within the last few days. My readers can take it without a tremor of hesitancy that Georgia was overrun by an army while it was too weak to fight successfully, and it is to-day being held down by force, and by committees of directors, backed by the Eleventh Army of the Moscow Republic … It is estimated that 100,000 Russian troops are now required to hold down the country. Freedom of press and speech does not exist. Sir Basil Thomson, Mr. Shott, and Sir Archibald Bodkin are angels compared with their Third international duplicates in Georgia. These are facts. This is the kind of crime that finds both apologists and defenders amongst our Left in this country. To the Socialist it must be a crime, a wanton piece of military aggression, something which he must do everything to undo.”

The world is now expectantly watching how Mr. MacDonald will use his present position of influence and power at Downing Street and Geneva in remedying that great injustice done to Georgia, which his soul yearned so ardently to redress when he had neither their means nor the power to do so.

I am, Sir, &c.,
Overseas Club, Park-Place, St. James’s, S.W.1


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