THE LEAGUE AND GEORGIA The Times, Sept 12, 1924

Sub-Committee Appointed

GENEVA Sept. 21.—During the sitting of the Committee discussing the joint British, French and Belgian resolution concerning the situation in Georgia, all the speakers expressed sympathy with the Georgian people in their struggle for liberty.

General Freire d’Andzade (Portugal) and Mr. G. R. Hofmeyr (South Africa) expressed surprise, however, that a resolution should be submitted to the Assembly identical with one passed two years ago, and asked what the Council had been doing in the meantime. They suggested modification in the text of the resolution necessitated by the altered circumstances.

Count Bonin-Longare (Italy) pointed out the delicate character of the problem from the political and juridical point of view, and added that it was evident that the League of Nations had no intention of taking part materially in the liberation of Georgia. He urged that the problem required thorough study. The Committee agreed with this opinion and appointed for that purpose a sub-committee composed of Professor Gilbert Murray (Great Britain), M. de Brouckere (Belgium), M. Aubert (France), Count Bonin-Longare (Italy) and Mr. MacDonald (Canada).

The sub-committee immediately set to work, and is understood to intend to go farther than the original resolution by suggesting that the League should propose to Soviet Russia mediation by the States which have recognized both the Soviet Government and the independence of Georgia. –Reuter.


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