Lloyd George in House of Commons on withdrawal from Caucasus

David Lloyd George

David Lloyd George

We have been urged to withdraw troops, and it is said that the withdrawal of troops and demobilisation are the only methods to secure immediate reduction: but the other day I was amazed to get a letter from the International Labour Conference, sitting at Lucerne, which represented Socialists of all ranks. What was their suggestion? Was it that we should demobilise; was it that we should reduce of armaments; was it that we should clear out from countries which were not our own and leave the people to
self-determination? Not at all. It was a resolution angrily complaining that British troops were withdrawing from the Caucasus. We have a division and a half there, and it is costing us millions. Speaking roughly, I should not be a bit surprised if it costs us about £30,000,000 a year, with shipping and everything else. America appeals to us not to withdraw, the International Socialists appeal to us not to withdraw

August 18, 1919


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