The Guardian, August 14, 1921

Reuter’s agency has received an appeal for food and medical supplies for Georgia, signed by Mr. M. Tchikvishvili, mayor of Tiflis, in which he says that since the invasion of Georgia by the Red Army, all things of value—railway carriages, machinery, furniture, food, clothing—in fact everything has been transported to Russia. The army of 120,000 men imposed upon the country has rapidly swallowed up her reserve food supplies, so that famine has made its appearance. Workmen, weakened by famine, have not even the strength to stand in the queue to obtain food, and collapse on the spot, dying of exhaustion. Georgia cries out for immediate help in the form of food and medical supplies; but the Communists must be debarred from participating in the organisation and distribution of this relief and the Moscow Red Army evacuated, lest it export the goods into Russia.

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